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Thank you Ryan. 


Greg was so excited to tell me all about it last night.  He couldn’t stop thanking me for arranging the lesson.  He got a lot out of it, and can’t wait to start putting all your suggestions in practice.


I will keep my eye on him for tendencies you listed below and help him the best I can.


Again, thanks for teaching him.





I wanted to let you know that on this past Wednesday my drives were really good.  I had 11 drives that were well hit and landed in the fairway, 2 drives that landed in the rough but were decent shots and only two bad drives.  I am very pleased with these results. I was 13 over after 14 holes which is fantastic for me.  I struggled on hole #15 and #16 otherwise I would have had a super round.


In addition, my drives were the longest I have hit in years. I really think these great drives were a result of not cupping my left hand on the back swing.


We are making progress!





Thank you again for the lesson on Saturday.  It paid immediate dividends on my Sunday morning round.  Shortened backswing, weakened grip, and better hip turn resulted in one of the best ball-striking rounds I can remember.  Shot a 78, with a strong 36 on the back nine.  Hit every fairway iron and approach wedge dead straight, without one fade.  Accuracy was surprising, and had I dropped a couple puts that lipped out, would have had a 75 (got into trouble with a couple drives on front nine).  Ball flight was lower, and better compression at impact kept my distance, while enabling me to slow the swing tempo.


Conversion from lesson to course was easy, and that is a testimonial to your teaching and insights.


Very excited, and thankful. 



Hi Ryan,

Just wanted to provide some quick feedback on my lesson today..... your evaluation of my swing and opportunities for improvement was clear and understandable.  Your stepwise approach to adjusting my setup and posture made the new positioning seem logical and possible to accomplish. And your comment was spot on that while the new setup/posture would feel awkward at first (yes!), in time it would feel "natural" - seemed that each swing I took after the lesson with the new proper setup/posture began to feel more comfortable/normal and I began to pick up nuances such as correct distance from the ball, assessing whether arms were properly turning through the swing, etc.


All in all, I felt our hour was time very well spent. While this is what you do, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks and to tell you that you do it very well! Looking forward to a follow-up in a couple of weeks.













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