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Lower Body Leading the Way

Proper use of the lower body is a vital part of making an efficient golf swing; however, it’s something that many golfers don’t do well. Like many other sports, a player’s weight shift with their legs and hips will create a great deal of power. This not only creates speed in the golf swing, it also plays an important role in how the golf club will attack the ball. Having the club on a good path through impact will help maintain a square club face and produce a more consistent ball flight.

Golfers who properly use their lower body will usually have a good swing path that is shallower than someone who doesn’t. This is one reason many golfers have trouble with a slice, because they are trying to swing the club with mainly their upper body. If your arms make the first move in the downswing the club will move out and away from your body, causing a steep path down and across the ball. To start the downswing your weight should begin to move into your front foot, quickly followed by the turning of your hips toward the target. This clearing of your hips will start to pull your arms into position and allow the golf club to travel down the correct path.

Attacking the golf ball from the inside has always been thought of as a good swing path; however, this can cause people to rehearse an incorrect move with their hands and arms. Many amateurs will try pulling the club down with their hands before their lower body has even moved. I prefer my students to focus on using their weight shift and lower body to let the club fall into position and focus on striking the back of the golf ball, not just the inside.

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