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Launching Longer Drives

Adding more distance to your driver can come from more than just strength. The technique in your swing is more important than how strong you are. Players that hit long drives produce more speed by properly using their wrists, arms, and lower body. Here are a few ideas to help any player increase their club head speed and driver distance.

You must start with a balanced, athletic set-up and have good posture. With a wider stance, slightly flex your knees and make sure to tilt your spine towards the ball. Also, slightly lower your back shoulder to ensure a good swing path and give you a slight upward strike to the ball. Having good posture will allow your shoulders to turn properly and help with a balanced weight shift.

Make a wide backswing, pushing your hands and the grip away from your chest. Keeping your arms extended, and the club away from your body will lead to more club head speed. At the top of the backswing, try to maintain width between the shaft of the club and your neck or shoulder. Many golfers collapse at the top of the backswing allowing the club to dip down near their shoulder.

Start the downswing with the legs and hips, not your hands and arms. Feel like your first move in the downswing comes from turning your belt buckle to the target. Allow your wrists to unhinge late in the downswing (like cracking a whip). Don’t let your dominant hand throw the club head at the ball.

While your body is turning towards the target, turn your wrists and forearms through impact for additional club head speed. This also keeps the club out and away from your body with good extension through the swing (not in close to your body like “alligator arms”). Lastly, make sure to fully shift your weight onto your front foot for a balanced finish to your swing.

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