What is the Swing Plane?

When reading articles, or watching golf on TV the phrase “swing plane” can be difficult to understand. This term is used frequently by instructors to describe the path a club travels on in a golfer’s swing. The posture used for golf is more unnatural than baseball or tennis, requiring a spine-tilt to make contact with a ball on the ground. This makes it difficult to keep the club “on plane” swinging back and through the shot.

An easy way to picture the swing plane is to imagine a big hula hoop with the golfer standing in the middle. The bottom of the hoop would be where the ball is, the top would be tilted at an angle behind the player. This hula hoop is just a visual to help picture where the club travels. You do not have to keep the club precisely on it, just close to that area. Most good players will have a shallower path in the downswing than they did in the backswing.

Keeping your golf club on a good swing plane allows it to swing more efficiently without any manipulations. This will result in better balance, more club head speed, solid contact, and an effortless feeling swing. There are many causes for a golf swing to be off plane, but I want to keep this article short and simple. Hopefully this article will give you an easy way to visualize and understand this common golf term.

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