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Off-Season Practice

During the cold, winter months many golfers will put their golf clubs away until spring. Most players think the only productive way to practice is by hitting golf balls. This is not always the case. The break from warmer temperatures may still give you an opportunity to improve your golf game.

Improving physical fitness or rolling putts in your basement can be a good place to start, however I really like the suggestion that top Golf Instructor Hank Haney gives. He believes making 100 practice swings each day will benefit golfers of any ability. This can help improve your flexibility, strengthen golf muscles, and increase club head speed.

I think it is beneficial to use a mirror if possible while getting set-up, gripping the club, and making slow practice swings to ensure proper technique. The mirror can act as a second set of eyes to keep everything in check. Just like many other sports, basic fundamentals should never be ignored before swinging the golf club.

You don’t have to do 100 swings, start with a smaller number and work your way up. The most important part of this is to take your time and not rush through. Just like hitting golf balls on the range, think quality not quantity. Give this daily routine a chance this winter and you will be surprised at how well you start out the season when the weather warms up!

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