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Play Golf America!!

I think it is fair to assume most golfers want to hit better golf shots and shoot lower scores. Although time on the driving range is necessary to achieve this, playing golf can be much more beneficial. I am a strong believer in not trying to build the perfect golf swing. It is more important to know your own golf swing and be able to manage it on the course.

Too many golfers get caught up looking for a swing change, and feel the need to hit as many range balls as possible. I believe every player needs to balance time on the range, with time out on the golf course. When playing golf, you will learn how to adjust to different conditions, improve course management, and read greens. Additionally, you will start to understand what strengths you have in your game and how to take advantage of them during a round.

Playing more golf will help build confidence and allow you to feel more comfortable with pressure situations. Usually the golfer who plays frequently will win their Flight in the Club Championship, or consistently win money in the weekly group. With two golfers of similar ability, it is rare to see a “range rat” score as well as someone who plays a lot of golf.

Even if you only have time to fit in five or six holes, that can be a better way to improve scores than spending it on the driving range without a goal. Although hitting range balls is necessary for removing a bad habit and learning a good one, the driving range usually tempts us to hit driver aimlessly. If there is one thing I would’ve done differently in my own game, it would have been less time on the range and more time playing golf.

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