Less Backswing Can Create More Distance

Almost every golfer I meet asks how they can generate more club head speed, or what is the secret to more distance? This can be achieved through swing adjustments or adding strength and flexibility, however trying to make a huge backswing is the mistake I see among many players. This is unnecessary and can lead to many poor swing habits that take away consistency and rob you of extra distance.

Focus on a wide turn with your shoulders to make a simple, efficient backswing. Feel like your upper body swivels around your spine with a very quiet lower body. Anyone who has limited flexibility should just make sure that you have loaded some weight into your back leg (much like a pitcher in baseball). This will help execute a good weight shift and turn towards the target.

Keeping your lower body more stable, produces torque to help increase your club head speed in the downswing, and keeps your upper body more centered. Many swing faults such as swaying or a reverse pivot can come from an overactive lower body.

Additionally, try not to allow your lead arm to break down or fold. Keep that arm extended for a wide backswing which keeps the shaft of the club away from your shoulder and neck. Your lead arm is important because it creates leverage and a wider swing arc for increased club head speed. When the lead arm breaks down, the club gets very narrow and can dip past parallel at the top of the backswing.

By keeping your lower body quiet, and having good extension with your lead arm, your back swing will become more efficient. This should result in more consistent golf shots, faster club head speed, and more distance.

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