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Teaching Philosophy

In dealing with a complex game like golf, Ryan's goal is to keep instruction as basic as possible.  He keeps golf terms simple and finds a way for the student to see, feel, and understand the correct change to their swing. 

As with learning the golf swing, becoming a great instructor takes time and Ryan continually tries to enhance his coaching ability.  He seeks information from well-established teachers by attending seminars, and was honored to be a presenter at the 2019 Gateway PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit. 

Ryan has worked extensively with video and computer programs to study the golf swing and putting stroke.  This enabled him to examine the technique that golfers of different size, strength, and ability use for success.  Ryan's history as a strong player has helped him understand the time and difficulty needed to make a swing change, and the value of having a good short game.  This also gave him a perspective on different situations a player may encounter in a tournament, or trying to shoot their career low score.   

Ryan has been fortunate to learn from some of the greatest instructors in the country, and this has helped him develop a style of coaching built around their influence.  He will keep the game simple by using swing positions and fundamentals that most great players possess, and will build a lesson plan around your goals and body.  Unfortunately, we can’t all have a beautiful swing like Adam Scott, however Ryan is confident he will get you to strike the ball better and shoot lower scores. 

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